Shanghai Yanhua Charity Foundation Nominated for Charity Projects of 2021

发布时间:2022-06-03 15:58:13

       Recently, Charity Times published a special issue, listing Shanghai Yanhua Charity Foundation’s “Children’s Liver Transplantation Relief Project” and UNICEF’s “China Children Welfare Project” among others, as nominations for charity projects of 2021.

       The nominated “Children’s Liver Transplantation Relief Project” started through the hard work of the foundation and experts from Huashan Hospital of Fudan University and Pediatric Hospital of Shanghai. The project aims to save children with end-stage liver diseases by solving the problem of treatment costs along with providing professional medical attention. These resources help to build a platform that guarantees the right to life and provides another chance of happiness and health. In addition, this project is led by pediatric experts, creating advanced, and well-rounded systems to further help children recover post-surgery. As of today, the project has helped nearly 170 children, covering 20 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions.

       In 2021, China’s social development has entered a new era. Charities and philanthropical projects will have new space and new opportunities to work with. Meanwhile, due to new social problems and sudden natural disasters etc., development in this industry also faces new challenges. As benchmark public welfare projects, Shanghai Yanhua’s “Children Liver Transplantation Relief Project” and UNICEF’s “China Child Welfare Project”, with professional project management, efficient operation, and smooth processes, will certainly play a positive role in the development of the industry.

       Public Welfare Projects bear the expectations of the government, enterprises, donors, and many other non-profit organizations, but they also bring together the wisdom and resources of our society. The nomination of Shanghai Yanhua’s “Children Liver Transplantation Relief Project” is a nod of approval from the people of our society.

       In the future, Shanghai Yanhua Charity Foundation will further expand its scope of operation, learn from the experience of other charity projects, improve the overall level of the “Children’s Liver Transplantation Relief Project”, and maximize the utilization of the foundation’s resources.



(Translated by Chen Marco Haotian, a volunteer)